Not So Indian Way To Style A Kurti

Hi everyone

Hope you guys are doing awesome!!! First week of July, reminds me that few more months are left for 2018 :p

With 2 cups of coffee already down, I’m trying to fight with Monday Blues!! It was one of the most organised , yet hectic weekend. If you are following me on Instagram, you might now I have been working 18 hours a day. But that’s ok, I love my work, as long as you love what you are doing, it’s not a pain.

Coming to the blog post today, I’m going to tell you a “Not so Indian Way to Style Your Kurti“. I’m sure you have many many Kurtis, in different pattern and styles. Don’t you get bored of styling it in the same way everytime?? Not saying that it doesn’t look good, but I love experimenting, hence….

I have recently got this Kurti from Breya, I have done a couple of posts for this brand in past as well. This Kurti has a beautiful print over it and what I love the most is the slit at the end. I believe Kurti with slit is quite comfortable to wear, I can dance like crazy in this one :p !!



To add that western look I paired it with an A- Line Black Skirt, seems like I’m wearing a dress in black & orange, but I’m not.

Since Pom-Pom are so in these days, I teamed up this attire with these Pom-Pom Chappals. Keeping the pattern of Kurti in mind, I opted for a Yellow Tote and Layered Coin Necklace. 





I hope you like this way of Styling A Kurti In Not So Indian Way. Do send me pictures, if you try this.

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Until Next Time!!



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