Little Black Dress in 2 Ways

How many of you have a Little Black Dress in their closet ?? What?? Did all of you say YES?? ūüėõ

Every one of us has a beautiful black dress as a part of our closet. If you don’t have one, you are missing on to something very important, something that can be worn in so many ways. It’s the staple of every girl’s closet.

It’s the safest option to go for when you think you have gained few kgs, it will make you look slimmer. In this post, I have tried wearing it in two different ways. It’s that time of the year when you could feel a bit colder in the morning and evening, but not much in the afternoon.

I have tried to showcase 2 styles, which are quite easy to carry and can be worn by anyone.

Black Dress As a Top

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

No matter how sexy/boring the neckline of your dress looks like, you can wear LBD as a top. What matters is the fabric of the dress, and the length of the same. This dress has a soft fabric like georgette with a satin-like lining to it.

You can’t do this with a dress made of thick/stiff fabrics like brocade, raw silk etc. Don’t try this with a dress that goes below your knees, it won’t look good tucked in your pair of denim.

This way you will be successful in covering your legs to certain extent :p. I paired it with a ripped denim, you can try any sort of denim.

To keep this look cool and casual, I opted for my Daniel Wellington in rose gold and big hoops.

Black Dress With Red Shawl


I know this might sound boring, but let me tell you we all do this at some point in time. Whenever we are feeling cold, we wrap a shawl, no matter what we are wearing. Be it a designer outfit or a very simple bought from the local market.

Now there are different ways to do that as well, making Knot of the extreme two corners of your shawl, wearing it like a shrug, tying it to one side of your shoulder. Let me know if you wish to see how to wear a shawl in different ways, I will do a separate blog post for that.

To keep it chic and sexy, I wore a red choker, this definitely helped me flaunt that beautiful lace neckline.

Dress: Iknowstudio

Denims & Mules : WestsideStores

Heels: Pantaloons

Accessories: Janpath

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