Perfect Dussehra Outfits : Styling A-Line Kurta

Happy Dussehra to all my followers, “Victory of Good Over Evil“, I hope this year ends on a good note for all of you. This is my favorite period of the year. Right from Navratras to Christmas, I’m all excited, happiest kid on the planet!! :p Festival means new clothes, new kinda styling, and new looks on my blog.

For this festival, I took out my favorite A-Line kurta from the almirah. What is an A-Line kurta? As the name suggests, it’s the type of kurta which forms an “A” running down from your bust line(not the waistline). It not only makes you look taller but hides your love handles too. Ready to check my Dussehra Outfits??

Dussehra Outfit Dussehra Outfit

I have created the first look with this off-white long skirt which has got golden patch work on it. As you can see the color of the kurta is quite bright, in order to tone down the color I opted for off-white. At the same time, I wanted it to look like a festival outfit, and I believe the golden patchwork did complete justice. If you check, it’s basically an “A” on “A” !!! What I like the most about this Kurta, is the pockets in the front, so different & chic. If you wish you can pair this outfit with a dupatta as well !!

For jewelry, I opted for golden bangles, a golden ring, blue -golden earrings. Too much of GOLD??? Naah!!! Works best in festivals. Twisted & messy hair is one of the easiest hairstyles to make when you are running out of time.


Dussehra Outfit

Dussehra Outfit

Dussehra Outfit

Dussehra Outfit

Dussehra Outfit

I chose to wear this kurta with red pants for my second look. Since the pants were quite simple unlike the skirt, I opted for red color. I didn’t want to pair it with light color bottoms, or else it would have looked quite boring. Always remember, either choose the color or the work, too much of work with bright color can look over the top. But at the end of the day I also believe fashion has no definition, so you can always try different things!!

This is how I styled my A-Line Kutra to create two perfect Dussehra Outfits. You can send me your pictures if you try any of these looks.

Kurta: SmartyPants

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