How To Style a Formal Crop Top

Hey Guys!!

Monday is here, and I’m back with yet another interesting post for all of you. I’m sure you had an amazing weekend, unlike me. I was super bored this weekend.

Now that I’m active on You Tube, I’ll be doing weekly Vlogs as well, wherein, I can show you the way I spend my weekends.

Talking about the post, this one is definitely for women like me who have formal wear, and really want to experiment with them when they go out for a casual brunch/movies with friends.

I have so many shirts, trousers, blazers, hanging in my Almirah, and I cannot wear them unless it’s a weekday and I’m working.  So, this time I decided to buy a shirt which is formal yet casual at the same time.

I explored and ordered this Shirt Crop Top. I think it’s a very basic shirt that has to be in every Girl’s closet. Although it was a cotton shirt, however, I wouldn’t prefer wearing it in 40 degrees: p.


Formal Crop Top

It was a casual day out with my friends and I thought of pairing it with my Blue Trousers. The length of the shirt is quite short, which makes it look different. I paired it with a Brown Bag and my favorite Golden Shoes.

I just had to change my shoes and I could have attended my office as well. :p 😀

What I Wore
Blue Shirt & Blue Trousers
Formal Yet Casual : #OOTD

I don’t believe in keeping clothes in my Almirah for years, just because I wore it once to a party/event etc.  Hence, I always try to tell you different ways of styling a piece of cloth.

I hope you like this post. Do send me your pictures if you try this Crop Top.

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Until next time!!


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