Jeggings and jumpsuits and hot favorites this season


The trends of fashion are just like the waves of the sea – they keep coming back to us with time and sometimes in more evolved forms. Much in line with this analogy is the super hot trend of jumpsuits online for girls. These were first spotted during the early ’70’s when celebrities, actors and musicians were seen to be endorsing this trend in its uber glam avatar. The fashion designers of our times have made huge design developments and result is the toned down fashion sensibilities of today. Back in those days when the jumpsuit was a brand new outfit, its look was quite over the top with those tight spandex fabrics embellished with glitters and neon colours which reminds us of the circus costumes! Jumpsuits online have undergone great metamorphosis to align their look with our times, going by the name of jumpsuits, fashionistas all over the world have played up or tuned down, that is to say, reinvented the overall appearance of the classic jumpsuits too. It is wonderful to see how the gurus of fashion have reincarnated this outfit now, which was essentially designed to be a uniform that the people of the so-called working class used to wear. Jumpsuits online are available in many silhouettes and fits, which can make them look like western dress, and depending on the style and color of the fabrics used they can also be designed to look like a matching top and bottom outfit. True that jumpsuits generally face a cold reaction from most people but once we see how gorgeous a woman looks in a jumpsuit, we are bound to wonder what makes us feel so hostile about it.

Another super duper favourite fashion trend which is to be seen everywhere is the ‘jeggings’ which is essentially a combined name for jeans and leggings. Innovation is the name of the game, right? Jeggings is actually a brand name that is registered and owned by a textile company in Turkey. They are the originally the producer of this innovative stretch fabric. Since the name is so catchy and appropriate, it is used globally to refer to this particular trend which is ruling the fashion world now. Jeggings online are actually similar to leggings for girls which are designed to look like a pair of skin tight jeans. But do not think that it is that simple, because these are neither leggings for girls nor ladies jeans. Body hugging but not too skin tight bottoms made of Lycra, or cotton or also polyester and come in different colors are the leggings. These bottoms are also made of wool and silk and in various shades of colors and prints. Unlike the western people who wear leggings with tops, Indian women usually prefer to wear leggings with kurtis and suits. Nowadays, leggings for girls are also being made out of Lycra, spandex fabrics. Jeans, as we all know, are made of denim. Jeans were originally invented as overalls meant for work wear for the miners because of the comfort and flexibility they offered. The fine line which separates jeggings from jeans is the material of which they are made. Jeggings are very often made out of a combination of spandex and denim, where the proportion of spandex used is greater than that of denim. In some cases, other comfortable materials like cotton are used as a substitute for denims, which are then dyed to make them appear like denims. Zippers, which are present in denims, are not part of the design for jeggings and usually jeggings do not come with pockets also. Leggings for girls are available in many different colors and prints, but jeggings are mostly coloured according to the shades of a pair of jeans to retain that typical denim look. So, jeggings are a hybrid of our favourite skin tight jeans and comfortable stretch leggings.

Now, no matter how trendy a fashion trend is, there are ways to get the look right. We need to exercise our brains as well as our eyes rather than behave like the fashion zombies, who just blindly imitate whatever comes along. You will find various styles of jeggings online. While purchasing jeggings online and with the intention of making the most of this hot style and wear them with style, we need to understand by looking, how to style the cool jeggings. You can attain different looks by styling differently and effectively. You can also get some good styling tips from the look guides available on the online shopping portals, while you are searching for that perfect pair of jeggings online.

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