New Year 2018 : Brunch Look

Wow, we are finally in 2018, the year we started planning for 2 weeks back, isn’t it?? I will start gymming, I will start eating right, and what not!!! Just wanted to convey that no matter what, just stay positive. Even if you were not able to achieve what you planned last year, or might not achieve this year, negativity always pulls you down. Being positive even on your worst of days will help you plan the next day in a much better manner. Now that’s enough of “knowledge” from my end, let’s get to my Brunch Look!!

My first post of this year is dedicated to all those, who are not much at night parties, but love to go out for brunch dates. Even for those, who are party animals, and get up quite late the next morning, and plan to go out for brunch.

Pastels and Ruffles were the most popular trends spotted last year. It seems like these are not going anywhere anytime soon. To create this look, I opted for a Ruffled Dress in Pink by Popnetic, because pastels work great for a day look. It has got a beautiful high low hemline, which is quite different from a normal ruffled dress. This reminds me of the Flamenco Dance Dress, a little bit.

I love the neckline which perfectly enhances the right parts. If you are someone who has got those broad shoulders, this dress is definitely for you!!! The spaghetti straps will not only cut the effect of broad shoulders, but the neckline gives a beautiful shape to your upper body.

Keeping the brunch look in mind, I went for subtle eye makeup but bold lips. To add some color to this look, I opted for floral hairband, bugs earrings in green, and multi-color heels!!

Hope you like this look. You can also connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more(because even I have many plans this year :p)

Happy New Year once again. And no matter what, don’t forget to stay stylish this year 🙂

Stay Healthy & Happy!!!


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