Shopping Bag Essentials

Shopping Bag Essentials

One thing that comes first in your mind, when you hear “Long Weekend” ??? Shopping right !!!! 😛

If that’s the case, this post is surely going to help you.

I’m not one of those who goes out for shopping every week or so. But I love shopping when I have an ample amount of time. I managed to do a lot of shopping before going to Jaipur. Thankfully, every other store had 50%-60% off in their collection. The only thing I regret was the scorching heat. Hence, I made sure that my shopping bag, has everything I would need while shopping and my outfit is super comfortable.

Below are my shopping bag essentials :

  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Wet Wipes
  • Lip color that stays for long ( while I shop I eat a lot)
  • Lime Water: Must for Summers
  • Deodorant: When you shop, you sweat
  • Face Powder/Compact

PS: You really need to have a spacious bag for all this to fit in. Try not to take clutches or slings with you. I always prefer a tote.

  • Shopping Bag


Water is a Must


Talking about the outfit, I like to wear anything which is not only comfortable but easy to carry. If you are wearing something complex, you are definitely going to spend half of your day in the trial room, changing clothes.

Another thing I keep in mind is less/no accessories, I like keeping it simple, this also helps me trying jewelry pieces quite easily.

Last but not the least, no heels when shopping, please. You don’t want to get tired, you don’t want those shoe bites when you have 20 items pending on the shopping list.


Shopping for Jewelry

Walking Down the Street

Shopping in Summers

Flat Lay Shopping Bag

I hope these tips you help you, do let me know what are your shopping bag essentials. You can also follow me on Instagram & Facebook for more.

Dress & Chappals: Janpath
Glasses: Koovs



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