Styling Jute Shrug : The Retro Way

India has been known for its wide variety of natural fibers for years. One of them being Jute. Jute is the cheapest fabric available. It’s basically a long, shiny vegetable fiber which is transformed into threads, and then beautiful outfits. Jute has a beautiful brown color, with a golden shine to it. I believe it’s a perfect fabric for monsoons when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. You have seen my previous posts, wherein I incorporated a Jute shrug with a western outfit. Jute has been in the fashion industry for the longest period of time, hence, I tried to do a retro look in this post.

Why retro?

So that nobody forgets the charm of these vintage fabrics. Here I’m wearing this Jute Shrug with a Georgette Saree.

Jute Shrug With Saree Jute Shrug With Saree

The light brown color of the shrug goes so well with an icey blue Saree. Of course, there is a twist to this oh so beautiful look :p

I like to keep it as simple as I can, I understand the struggle of wearing a saree. I wore a blue Ganji, instead of a blouse and jeggings instead of a petticoat. This way at least you will be able to save few minutes. Also, if you are a lazy person like me, you need to try this trick, trust me it works.

Also, I can’t stop adoring this Blue Georgette Saree, for not only it’s flow but the print as well. I chose to wear a coined layered necklace, going well with a retro look, isn’t it?

I’m in love with these retro blue glasses, from the day I bought them.

Jute Shrug With Saree Jute Shrug With Saree Jute Shrug With Saree Jute Shrug With Saree Jute Shrug With Saree


This is my take on styling a Jute with your Indian Outfit. I hope you like this blog post. Do send me pictures if you try something like this.

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Shrug: Oracra
Saree: Mom’s Wardrobe

Until next time!!


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