The Grunge Look

Hey Darlings!!!!!

Hope you have read my last post for StalkBuyLove and liked it as well..If not then you should have a look at that post..

So, today I’m going to talk about my Grunge Look and I hope you like this one too.


Many of you would be thinking, what is grunge style ? This style is a combination punk mixed with inexpensive working class clothing. This style gives an unkempt look, you can pair pieces of clothing that don’t match.

Not wasting much time ; let’s get straight to my look:


About My Look: I’m wearing a black jump suit from @Westside Stores and paired it with  my Dad’s Linen Shirt, which he doesn’t prefer to wear anymore.

Footwear: I’m wearing these really funky golden shoes(the darker shade of golden), which I bought from @Westside Stores.

Accessories: Chokers are really in these days, so are Tassels .. so thought of wearing a Green & Golden Tasseled-Choker.

I have kept my hair loose to give it that unkempt look, fuchsia on my lips and green smokey eyes.

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Thanks for reading lovely people!!!!!


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