Get To Know Me : Q&A Part 1

I have been thinking to do this post since really long, but events and reviews kept me busy. Today through this post you would be able to Get To Know Me better. So many of you read my blogs, and it is important for you guys, my virtual fam to know me. I thought that the “About Me” tab wasn’t sufficient, hence I came up with this idea.

  • Birth Date & Sunsign

10/12/1992 hence, a Saggitarian

  • The reason I started blogging

Honest to god, this wasn’t on my list, like I never planned or thought about doing something even similar to this. One day, while I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed, I read about an app and thought of joining them, just for fun. I went to their office, got to know about few famous bloggers who are associated with them. While coming back I thought I should also try this(blogging). Without any plans about this in my head, I started my blog on WordPress. After few months, I got my first Barter Collaboration and no looking back from then.

Now I have my own website which says it all.

  • Meaning behind my URL

Rage being a Synonym of Fashion and being a Crazy person I’m, I started with

  • What did I study

I wasn’t a nerd by the way. I did commerce and then opted for Bsc.Statistics(H). I always wanted to become a CA, but I just got scared, because then I had to study a lot :p.

  • My favorite meal

My favorite meal of the day has to be the breakfast. I make sure my breakfast is filling and fancy. I’m not a bread toast person, I like my breakfast to be fancy, with loads of veggies and fruits etc. I usually go for vegetable idli, french toast, oats etc.

  • Favorite drink

Tea, I just can’t imagine my day without it. I can’t start my day without Tea, I need it more than I need anything in the world. I’m not a coffee or a green tea person. I like my chai with less milk and loads of chai masala.

  • Favorite Dish

I don’t have any favorite dish, per say, but I like all types of desserts. I have a sweet tooth and can’t do without desserts. It can be as simple as Dahi cheeni(curd mixed with sugar) but I need it after every meal. I usually avoid sweets after dinner.

  • Things I love doing

Shopping, of course 😛 , cooking (if you follow me on Instagram you might know this), and creating content for my readers.

Delhi Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger

Blue Dress

Sweet Tooth

Dessert Craving

Shopping Freak

I’m going to end Part 1 of the Q&A here, I hope you like what you read. You can also follow me on YouTube for some amazing videos.

Until Next Time


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