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Right from the day I started posting about healthy food and workouts on Instagram, I have started getting so many DMs. I feel that healthy eating is really important when we live in a place which is polluted, the lifestyle is so fast, & we are working the entire day. For a working woman, it gets more difficult to keep a track on healthy food habits. Healthy eating not only helps in pursuing a good lifestyle but makes you happy.

bigbasket has now come to rescue with its new GoodDiet range of superfoods, which means, there is no longer a need to sacrifice nutrition even when you’re busy. The GoodDiet range offers an assortment of 12 different types of high-quality superfoods that are nutritious and wholesome.

BigBasket GoodDiet

Today I’m going to share the routine, in which I have incorporated the GoodDiet products, that I follow right from the time I get up, to the time I turn off my laptop. Having said that, I would highly recommend you guys to analyze your body types, your allergies to any food items(if any), your BMI etc, before following any routine.

Early Morning: 6 am

Starting from the time I get up, I prefer detoxifying my body with the help of water.  As they say, you can live without food, but not without water. I prefer having a glass full of lukewarm water, mixed with a tbsp of Black Chia Seeds, & a tsp of lemon juice. Let it rest for a minute, till the time the seeds doubles up in size.  Chia Seeds are a good source of Omega 3, & has a lot of fiber, hence helps losing weight.

BigBasket GoodDiet Chia Seeds

BigBasket GoodDiet Chia Seedss

Post Workout: 7 am

I prefer working out at least 6 days in a week. If you can’t go to the gym, go for a walk, do yoga. Post workout I prefer having my Millet Vita Drink. Since I normally have my breakfast after I reach the office, I drink this to keep myself full till 10 am. Millet Vita has 14 different natural and pure ingredients. Mix it into a cup of cold/hot milk and it’s ready to serve. It is also packed with the goodness of Millets, Almonds, Elaichi, Horse gram, Green gram, and bean which provide your body with the best fuel to start the day.

BigBasket GoodDiet Vita Drink

BigBasket GoodDiet Vita Drink

Breakfast: 10 am

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” is an old saying in many countries. I make sure my Breakfast is super nutritious. I don’t like to compromise on my breakfast, no matter what. It’s the only meal that keeps you running all day long. GoodDiet Range has got breakfast options like Kodo Millet Idli, Multi-Grain Dosa, Kodo Millet Rava Dosa. Not many of the people know, that Kodo Millet is a rich source of Proteins, fibers, minerals, & Vitamins. It is also free of gluten, which means people who are gluten Intolerant can have it. Also good for postmenopausal women. 

On the other hand, multigrain dosa consists of grains like rice, wheat, soya, green gram dal, Bengal gram dal, and ragi. This has got gluten.


BigBasket GoodDiet Kodo Idli

Mid Day Snacks: 12 pm/4pm

The trick to healthy diet/eating is you should eat after every 2 hours. Your body needs fuel after every 2 hours. People don’t get the logic of filling the stomach with some healthy snack and end up eating junk foods between meals. Junk foods like chips, fried food, cold drinks etc, hence fail in achieving the goal of healthy eating. GoodDiet has come up with some wholesome snacks like Sprouted Mixture Jalapeno, which has got roasted whole gram, lentils & sorghum flakes with a dash of tangy jalapeno.  Diet Chivda has got a mixture of Rice Flakes topped with premium spices. My favorite has to be Peanuts Cheese “n” Onion. Also, got a mixture of Flax Seeds & Melon Seeds, you can have the mixture as is or can use it in Smoothies(as a part of breakfast).

 BigBasket GoodDiet Snacks

BigBasket GoodDiet Snacks

Lunch: 2 pm

For lunch, I switch between having roti, vegetables, salad, & quinoa. There are numerous ways of making quinoa, just like you make 100 types of rice curd quinoa, quinoa salad, boiled quinoa etc. Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, which other grains lack. It is high in dietary fiber and is a slowly digested carbohydrate, which makes it a good low-GI option. It is rich in proteins too.

 GoodDiet Range also has Black Rice which is again a good option for Lunch, better than the usual white rice which is quite starchy. As they say, black is the new green when it comes to healthy eating.

It is also a great source of plant-based protein and provides minerals like iron and copper. Black rice has got a high level of anthocyanin content.

BigBasket GoodDiet Qunioa

BigBasket GoodDiet Black Rice

Evening Muching: 6 pm

Now that I already have snacks at 4pm, I eat a bowl full of Fruits, and I don’t like discriminating fruits. I eat all seasonal fruits apple, kiwi, grapes etc.

That’s how I end my day on a sweet note. 

I hope you like what you read. Now you have got one more reason to order from bigbasket. Do let me know if you want me to do a post on my after office routine.

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