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Hey everyone!!! I hope all of you are doing great and enjoying your weekend to the fullest!!!

So, here I’m with my new post, which is all about BLING!!! Yes, you guessed it right, I just got this amazing necklace from . 


Let me tell you, this was one completely unexpected parcel, and I never thought it’s going to be the best of the lot. I always thought of getting a pendant like this, and blinglane made me so so so happy by sending this one.

The packaging of the product was just amazing, this beauty came in a nice velvet pouch. 

You can visit to order your favorite accessories, trust me they have it all, from rings to neckalce, everything!!!


They also have a wide variety of “pendant set” though, my mom loved their collection. So, the products are not only funky but quite decent at the same time.

Few Jewellery Care Tips:

Keep it away from the effects of chemicals, remove it while washing cloths or utensils etc.. You can clean the jewellery with the help of a soft cloth and keep it in the soft pouch.

Let me know how did you find this post and of course my necklace. You can follow me on Instagram for more on fashion & lifestyle: @meghachadha92. Have a look at my Facebook Page: @crazyrage92.

Until next time

XOXO crazy people!!!!!


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