BloBar : Delhi’s First Blow Dry Only Salon

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Hope you are doing well and have enjoyed your weekend to the fullest!! I hope this post will help you in beating those Monday Blueeess.

You people must be wondering that it’s been so many days that I haven’t posted anything, that’s because I was trying to create some good content for you guys. Also, I have now started vlogging as well, I hope it turns out well on You Tube :p

Around 6 months back I got a Keratin Treatment on my hair, after which I didn’t get a chance to do any “experiments” with my hair. So, I decided to try the services of a newly opened Salon in Delhi, BloBar. I went there before they opened it for everyone, so, by the time you will be reading this post BloBar must have launched officially as well.

Why is this different from other Salons?

It’s the first ever Salon in Delhi that offers Blow Dry Services only. I think it’s a great place to chill with your girlfriends and getting your hair done at the same time. You can plan your next birthday party there or a break up party ; reminds me of a song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 🙂

FYI, the salon is quite hygienic and the founder is very friendly. Even if you don’t know what to try or what will look good on hair, trust the hair stylists; they will surely do wonders to your hair.

My experience with BloBar:

I first got a hair wash done, they used Moroccan Hair Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair. I have got a good length but my hair are quite dry, hence the stylist decided to go for some tight curls.

Forgot to tell you about their menu :p I think its the most interesting one till date. All the hairstyles are named after Cocktails. I got a Cosmo Masala Maarke for my hair 🙂

Hairstyle : Cosmo Masala Mar Ke
DSCN0737 copy
BloBar : Delhi’s First Blow Dry Only Salon
A perfect place to spend your day

Since it was a day event, I chose to wear a crop top and a pair of high waist cotton trousers. Trust me guys, it was 47 degrees that day 🙁

Summer Collection
Crop Top

So ladies, go ahead, book an appointment and do share your experience with me !!!

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