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It’s been a long time that I haven’t done any beauty/skin care related post. ¬†So I decided to do one today. As you already know that I have got few Blue Heaven¬†Affordable Products a couple of weeks back, I thought I should give it a try and let you know my take.

Affordable Make Up Products : Blue Heaven Cosmetics
Affordable Make Up Products: Blue Heaven Cosmetics

Before jumping straight to the review part, let me tell you that Blue Heaven is one of the most trusted brands till date. ¬†I have seen my mother using a lot of Blue Heaven Affordable Products, and if I’m using their products after so many years, needless to say, that these products are amazing. With time, this brand has made a lot of changes in their products.

Let’s get started with reviewing** Blue Heaven Affordable Products:

Foundation from Florina Collection

  • Packaging: The foundation pump comes in a see-through box, which helps in shade identification, before buying. It’s quite easy to take out the foundation with a help of the pump, hassle free it is.¬†
  • Texture: Liquid Foundation, spreads evenly. If you have a dry skin, you will need to apply a moisturizer before applying this foundation, as I did.
  • Coverage: I believe the product is quite build-able. Depending on the type of occasion you are heading to, you can choose to apply less or more.
  • Price:¬†Retails for just Rs. 175/-. This is a must have product.
  • USP: Has Primer, Concealer, Sunscreen & Foundation in one. This is best when you are running out of time and you don’t have hours to spend on your makeup, a pump of this product will save your life :p. This foundation smells amazing, it hasn’t got that bubble gum or chemical like smell to it.
Blue Heaven Foundation: Florina Collection
Foundation Shade : Saffron Glow
Foundation Shade: Saffron Glow

Non-Transferable Lip Color 

  • Packaging: The product comes in a see through bottle, just like any other lip gloss. The applicator is quite good, which helps in applying the product evenly.
  • Texture: This lip color is super matte, you just apply it, wait for 10 seconds, and you will get that perfect matte finish. It is also water proof, however, easy to apply and remove, you don’t have to apply all your energy to remove it. :p
  • Price:¬†Retails for just Rs. 205/-
  • Stay: This is the USP of this product. This is one of those best products, which can stay for more than 8 hours on your lips(although the product¬†says up to 8 hours).
Blue Heaven Non Transferable Lip Color
Blue Heaven Non Transferable Lip Color
Lip Color Shade : Sunset Orange
Lip Color Shade: Sunset Orange

Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

  • This is one product that is quite handy. It not only helps to remove your make up, but it can be used on a daily basis while traveling.
  • You just have to pull a wipe and sweep over your face & neck. There’s no need to add water. 1 wipe would be enough to remove all your makeup
  • Price:¬†Retails for just Rs. 105/-
Blue Heaven Make Up Remover Wipes
Blue Heaven Make Up Remover Wipes

**Just a heads up, these products suit my skin, hence these reviews. These are honest reviews which are written after using the products. 

I hope you found this post quite informative. I will definitely be doing a small video using Blue Heaven Affordable Products, so make sure to subscribe to my You Tube Channel.

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