Do’s & Dont’s After Hair Wash

Hi Guyss!! This weekend I tried coming up with something different on my blog. Something, that I haven’t talked about before on my blog. I have so many ideas to share with you on hair care, skin care and what not, but unfortunately, I don’t get that much time. But I promise I will try to do this more often. Also while I’m writing this blog post, I have a really bad throat, sounding like Rani Mukherjee since 2 days. People who are following me on Instagram might know that already.

Ok, so coming to the blog post, I’m going to share few do’s and dont’s that you need to take care of after hair wash. So let’s get started.

  • Once you wash your hair, let them rest in the towel for 2 minutes. Don’t ever rub your hair with a towel. Invest in a good towel that can soak the excessive water.

  • After that do not blow dry hair, rather let them dry naturally. By rubbing your hair with a towel, you will tend to break the cuticles, leading to hair fall. Blow drying on  a daily basis will leave your dry and frizzy.

  • When they are almost dry(not completely), apply some serum to your hair. These days I’m applying Livon Serum. It makes sure that I don’t break my hair while entangling. Serum not only helps you entangling your hair but will keep them shiny and hydrated for at least 2 days. You can apply the serum on the ends, and not on the roots. Applying serum on the roots will give a very greasy look.

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  • I never ever, like I try to not to go out in sun, immediately after my hair wash. I know I’m always late for events, probably now you know the reason. If you wish, you can invest in a good UV shielding product, like UV based Sprays or Leave-In Conditioner(to be applied in damp hair).

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I hope these four tips will help you after hair wash. In case you want me to do more of these, do send an email, or comment down below.

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