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It’s been so long that I have been struggling to get a good hair care brand. I search online, like all of you do, have tried different products as well. Few were really good for my hair but then didn’t do any good to my scalp. I believe that’s one issue that we face, but somehow ignore because hey, our hair looks good. There are very fewer products in the market which genuinely takes care of your scalp, keeping your hair healthy and nourished. One of them is Kevin Murphy 

I recently got to try the hair care products by Kevin Murphy, which are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength, and longevity. It’s an Australian Hair Care Brand by Kevin Murphy.No one knows the importance and power of hair better than him, who’s directed hair teams of so many fashion houses.

I had no idea this brand is available in India, till the time I got a call from the PR to actually try it. I will start with the packaging of the products, they are designed in such a way that you get the perfect amount of shampoo/conditioner in one go, rather than squeezing & pressing the bottles. Also, the bottles are biodegradable.


My session at Vanity Lounge started with one of the stylists from Kevin Murphy, who touched my hair, analyzed my skin properly and then went ahead with the right treatment. By treatment, I mean the right kind of products. Below are the products that I tried :

Maxi Wash: Now this product was used for a minute on my hair. It was massaged(not scrubbed) very slowly so as to enhance the blood regulation and to get rid of all the dirt and residue. This really helped me get rid of the flaky scalp. 

Luxury Wash: This one is basically a Curl Activating Shampoo for thick, coarse hair. This one was scrubbed, similarly like we use our shampoo. By this time, my hair definitely started feeling much better. My scalp started breathing.

Born Again: This can be called a sort of medication, an essential treatment for your hair & scalp. This was applied for good 5 minutes and was wrapped in a hot towel, to let the product seep into the scalp. This somewhat controlled frizz. 

Luxury Rinse: The Last step was to apply the conditioner and let it rest for a minute or two.

Let me tell you that these products are Paraben & Sulphate free. The Product costs starts from Rs.1975/– each. You can get these products at the Vanity Lounge in CR Park, Delhi.

These 4 steps definitely sound like a hectic process to follow. But trust me, it’s worth it. I could see a difference in one wash. Go ahead and check my Instagram for more!!!

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