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Dealing With First Day Of My Periods : Song Of India

Hi Ladiessss!!!

I hope you are enjoying your mid week blues. People following me on Snapchat and Instagram know that I have been busy with so many things at the moment. Hence, I delayed my blog post by two days.

This post is quite special for me, and I think many of my girlieess can relate to this as well. Periods, quite a sensitive topic, isn’t it???

NO, it isn’t!!

I’m a girl and I get periods, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I have seen people talking about sex in public, however, talking about periods is still a big deal for them. Anyway, let’s get straight to the topic.

Well, my first day of periods is quite painful, I’m the most irritated person on the planet on this day, I shout, and what not. And there are two things that can make me happy in 10 seconds: Chocolates & Good Fragrance.

Talking about good fragrance, recently I got to know about Song Of India, dealing in a wide range of fragrant products. All their products are handmade and designed to enrich and energize your soul. Below are the three products that I got:

Desi Gulab Scented Candle

Velvety to touch, and heavenly to smell, this one has to be my favorite out of all the products. The subtle fragrance of rose is wonderfully fresh.

desi gulab scented candles
Desi Gulab Scented Candle

Nagpuri Narangi Reed Diffuser

This tantalizing citrusy scent of fresh oranges infuses the ambience with its vibrant energy and vitality. Its fragrance works like a charm to uplift and rejuvenate the mind.

Nagpuri Narangi Reed Diffuser
Nagpuri Narangi Reed Diffuser

Incense Sticks:

  • Sandalwood
  • White Sage
Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks

These are the products, that helped me deal with my first day of periods. Their fragrant products go a long way in uplifting and calming the body, mind and soul.

You can purchase these products from their site, they are also available at the store Ishana, at T3 Delhi international airport.

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Until next time!!


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