Go Crazy With “DAN-TAN”

Hey Peeps!!!

I hope you all are doing great.. This month was quite busy.. collaborations, posts, office work, but then this makes me happy.. and that’s how it should be, you should do what makes you happy..

So, isn’t that really amazing when you get to follow your dreams????? Tanjam Chawla & Tushar Dandona , two super-enthusiastic people, decided to follow their dreams with “DAN-TAN”

“DAN-TAN” is a one stop shop for all you shopaholics. Let me tell you, they have a wide variety of dresses, jumpers, jumpsuits, shirts and what not, don’t worry guys they have some crazy stuff for boys as well.

Many of us don’t believe in buying clothes from a new bee, but trust me the stuff that they have is quite promising. The best part is, the clothes are quite trendy, & not boring and monotonous. Ok, so you guys must be thinking about the prices, it must be very expensive, but “NO”, you can even shop on the last day of the month, when you’re almost done with your salary.


I’ve got this really cute Floral Jumper from “DAN-TAN” last week. It’s in Georgette, super comfy. You guys know how much I love floral , :p.


You can follow them on Instagram : @ karma_by_dan_tan and on Facebook 

More stories on this will be up on the blog soon, keep following..

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