Go “Rangeen” With Colors

Hey Peeps!!!!

I hope you are all doing great.. I have not been writing much these days because I’m quite busy with my office work.. So today I’m going to talk about how you can play with colors.

So firstly I would love to tell you guys.. anybody can wear any color, it doesn’t matter if you are short, fat, or dusky. You just have to be yourself, love whichever color you think would suit you, wear whichever piece of cloth in which you think you’re super comfortable.


Even if you are wearing a bright color and you are bit on a darker side, wear it with all the confidence and oomph!! Confidence is all what you need to wear colors..

I’m not much of “Just black & White” person, I love colors.. and love to experiment with them as well. As they say, “bina rang ke zindagi Niras ban jaati hai” ..

About My Look : Here I’m wearing a multi color dress.. it has beige, green, yellow, red.. spot more if you can!!! I have got this dress from Westside Stores. I’m carrying a sling in black.



Footwear: These wedges in Red Color are from Westside too. This is made of velvet, but honestly I would not recommend Velvet in summers or monsoon..

I kept my hair loose and applied red on my lips.. I have recently started loving this color though!!!



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Thanks for reading!!!!

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