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Hairstyles For Bad Hair Day

Hey people..

Hope you all are doing great!! I’m still trying to get over from the Monday Blues!!!

Btw, please let me know how are you dealing with summers.. it’s so hot these days..
Also when it comes to dressing up for college or office , I find my bed a better place.

The worst thing about summers; my hair becomes dirty in a day , yes in A DAY!!! I’m sure girls going to college can relate to this situation.

Considering I’m super lazy to wash my hair daily, I came up with 2 easy Hairstyles for bad hair days 🙂

To add drama to these hairstyles, I used products from Hairdramaco. You can find the products by clicking here.


First Hairstyle:




 To make this hairstyle, follow these steps:

  • Make a side braid.
  • Pull out some hair from the front and secure the ends with the help of a bobby pin.
  • The interesting part, I used some Hair Shimmer to add that glam.
  • You are all set to party, without even washing your hair.

Second Hairstyle:







For the second look, follow these steps:

  • Start twisting your hair from the front, make sure to twist it inwards/outwards according to your face cut.
  • Perform the same activity for the other side of your hair, and secure the ends with the help of a bobby pin.
  • Put that Floral Tiara, and pull out some hair from the front.
  • Wear a pink dress, add color to your lips and you are good to go.


With these hairstyles, nobody would be able to figure out if your hair were dirty :p. I hope you like what you read.

Do try these hairstyles, and don’t forget to send your pictures across. You can also follow me on Instagram & Facebook

Until next time


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