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All You Need To Know About Face Scrub : October Favorite

I heard someone saying, “Treat Your Skin Like Your Baby”!!! At this point of time, when I’m in my 20’s, I feel that it’s so so true, if not now, I will have to face the repercussions later in the 30s.

It’s been so long that I haven’t shared reviews on any of the skincare products that I have been using. Also, so many of you requested me on Instagram to do a Blog Post on Skin Care, here I’m talking about one of the products that you should have in your vanity. It’s a Face Scrub. Let’s start :

What is a Face Scrub??

It is an essential part of your skincare routine. A scrub is generally a cream based product, combined with a grainy ingredient, beads/granules etc.

My Pick:

I have recently got my hands on the O3+ Professional Milk Scrub. Since I have dry skin, it did help removing that flakiness from my nose, and forehead. You guys know, that I travel a lot, which clogs the pores resulting in Blackheads. This product will help you exfoliate your skin, making it youthful and soft.**

As we know, milk does wonders for your skin in Winters, hence, this will be a product that I’ll be using quite often now. Let me tell you, this O3 + Milk Scrub, smells amazing, you would not want to remove it :p

Face Scrub O3

You can buy the same here, https://www.o3plus.com/index.php/o3-products/shop-by-category/scrub/milk-scrub.html 

How Often Should You Scrub?

If you have sensitive skin or dry skin like me, I would recommend scrub once a week or once in 2 weeks. If you have too oily skin, you can scrub twice a week, not more than that. Too much of exfoliation can tend to open your pores.

How Do You Scrub?

I make sure I clean my face well before using any scrub. You can do that by splashing rose water as well and wipe with a cotton ball. Once you are done, you can take a dab of the scrub on the fingers, and gently massage all over your face & neck in Clockwise manner. 

I hope you like what you read. Let me know if you try this product. You can now follow me on Instagram & Facebook for more.

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