My Daily Night Care Routine In 3 Steps

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Winters have finally hit Delhi, and it feels so good to write after so long. Writing my new blog post, with a cup of tea in one hand, yes that’s what you call a good day. Isn’t it? I have been wanting to do this post, but I was just waiting for Diwali & other festivals to end. With that I also completed a month of Night Care Routine that I have been following, and has worked well for me. I believe no matter what, you should follow a Night Care Routine as per your skin type, your skin will thank you later.

Makeup Remover:

You definitely need to have a makeup remover by your side, no matter where you go, yes, it’s very important. I have been using the APS Cosmeto Makeup Remover to remove all the makeup. I don’t really put a lot of makeup anyway when I go to the office. This makeup remover is organic and does the job in 2-3 pumps.

Face Wash:

The next step is to use a good face wash. Why? Because even after you have removed all your makeup, your skin will have some residual left. I have been using the WOW Yogurt Foaming Face Wash, this product is love. I can do another blog post on this one, but, for now, I assure you it will clean your face in 5 seconds.

Night Cream:

Once you are done with cleaning your face, you need to put some life back into your skin. A good Night Cream does that to your skin. I have been using the WOW Night Repair Cream, which has worked great for my skin. The formula is perfect for any type of skin. Not only the fragrance is amazing but it’s very light on the skin too.


I hope you loved what you read, do let me know if you try any of these products or try this “not so fancy” routine. For more updates, follow me on Instagram & Facebook. You can also follow me on YouTube for some interesting videos.

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