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Perfume That Fits Your “Pocket”

Hi everyone!!!

Hope all of you enjoyed your long weekend. Today I’m trying to deal with Tuesday Blues because I enjoyed my Monday, sleeping all day :p

By now you already know that I’m going to talk about Perfumes. How many of us struggle to take our favorite cologne to a party? That oh so beautiful fragrance, doesn’t fit our cute clutch. That special moment when you need your perfume the most.

This post is dedicated to all those who love to carry their cologne everywhere they go.

I have recently got this beautiful box, from PrefumeBooth, which contains 7 different International perfumes.

What is so different?

Thou can easily make your own bottle of perfume, by placing any of those Perfume Sticks in the Perfume Selfie Case. Isn’t that so easy, everyday new fragrance?

USP: It not only fits in your pocket easily but is absolutely affordable. It retails for just Rs. 475. Guess what, every Perfume Selfie Box has got a Gift Voucher worth Rs.501 !!!!





handy perfume


They have 6 different Perfume Selfie Box, you can have a look by clicking here. I opted for Sophistique, as it goes quite well with my personality: “She’s elegant, she’s priceless and her ‘Sophistique’ makes her a queen of her universe”.

This perfume selfie box(Sophistique), contains 7 International Fragrances:

  1. Creation Jasmine Noir by Creation: It has got Jasmine & Amber notes to it. People who love floral fragrance will love this one. It has got mysterious aromas of wood.
  2. Beyond Beauty: It has got Sandalwood & Rose notes to it. Perfect for an evening party or an intimate dinner date.
  3. Larc Premio by Maryaj: It has got Rose Petals & Apricot notes to it. This one will ensure that you smell great all day long.
  4. Compassion by Louis Cardin: It has got notes of Pomegranate, Lotus & Orchids. This can be worn at all-time of the day.
  5. Urban Woman by Emper: It has got fresh top notes of Blackberry & White Musk, a pretty all day bouquet.
  6. Dreamz Woman by Chris Adams: It has got top notes of Lemon, Rasberry & Neroli. Perfect for the woman who makes her dreams reality.
  7. White by Lomani: It has got top notes of Amber, Vanilla, Musk & Sandalwood. This one is my favorite of all. No matter what your taste is this one is classic.

I hope you like this post, and surely gonna try these fragrances as well. You can now follow me on Instagram Facebook for more.

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