Rohto Acnes Review : April Try On

Starting today I will be doing a series of posts wherein I will be writing my review on products that I try every month. As you guys probably know,  that I have recently attended an event by Rohto Acnes. I got a beautiful hamper, in which there were different skin care products. These products primarily revolve around people who have acne prone skin. I personally don’t have much acne, but yes even a little bit of it scares me.

Also,  I want to put this forward as a disclaimer that these are all honest review, which means I have tried these products on my skin.

Now, let’s get started with the review:


  • PURIFYING- Foaming Face Wash: This face wash has a creamy texture but gets foamy when rubbed on the skin with water. It is infused with Licorice extract & IMP, which helps in removing acne-causing germs. This product is developed under Japanese technology, to give purified skin. It has got Vit A & C, and White Tea extracts. (retails for Rs.95)


  • WHITENING- Clarifying Face Wash: This face wash helps in smoothens your skin. Although I would not say anything about “whitening” of the skin, rather it will help you lighten your acne scars. Since it has Mulberry Extract, it prevents the formation of dark spots. The Licorice extract & IMP, helps to prevent future breakouts.(retails for Rs.95)


  • MENTHO-COOL- Pimple Defense Face Wash: This one, the last one that I got, helps to remove excess oil and controls skin heat. This is the one I reviewed even on my Instagram, through the stories. I loved this one for the fact that it has got a very cooling effect on the skin.  If you have got super oily skin and pimples all over, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS. Since it has got IMP, it helps remove pimple-causing germs. (retails for Rs.99)


  • Hydrating Toner: It’s a very soothing toner, I must say. The highlight is that it’s alcohol-free & mineral oil free toner and SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Again it will help you fight acne, and tightens your pores. It is infused with  Licorice extract, IMP, White Tea extracts &, Salicylic Acid.(retails for Rs.170)


  • Clearing Point Gel: I have never used such kind of product. But let me tell you if you have acne, you would want to try this product automatically. Guys genuinely, this product is a star of the lot. You just need to apply it over the place where you have acne. Make sure you don’t apply it anywhere else on the skin.(retails for Rs.250)


  • Anti-Acne Soap: If you are someone like me who gets acne on the back or chest, this product is a must try. I haven’t heard about a product like this in a long time. I had to use it. It has got 2 variants to it, one is just the Oil Control Soap, and the other is Advanced Oil Control. The ingredients are same in both, apart from Holy Basil Oil which is infused in the Advanced one. Other ingredients are Kaolin(absorbs sebum), White Tea Extracts, Licorice(reduces acne inflammation), & IMP.(retails for Rs.99 each)

Apart from these, I got few Face Wash for Men, which of course I couldn’t try. They were Whitening Peel Face Wash(Rs.95/-), V-Charge Scrub Face Wash(Rs.99/-), & Icy Charcoal Deep Face Wash(Rs.95/-). So all the guys reading this blog post, try one.


I hope you like the review of these products by Rohto Acnes. You can now follow me on Instagram & YouTube for more.

Until Next Time


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