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Skin Care Routine With Mcaffeine

Hey everyone!!

Hope you all are doing great. March is finally here, and I’m all set to post some amazing content for all of you. I know I haven’t posted much in the last month, no, not because of Valentine’s :p. I was just quite busy with my office stuff. But I promise, won’t disappoint you this month 🙂

So, today’s post is all about skin care and caffeine.. Confused???

So, how many of us are addicted to caffeine, I think almost all of us. Caffeine helps to wake you up and keep going, isn’t it? What if you get skin care products which are infused with caffeine?

Mcaffeine is India’s first energizing personal care brand.

I recently got few products from them and thought of sharing an honest review** with all of you.

Products that I got:

  • Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream: This face cream consists of Jajoba & Vitamin E. Caffeine in this cream, helped tighten my skin to a certain extent, best to reduce the signs of ageing. It has a mild fragrance of green apple. It’s quite light on the skin. I would highly recommend this product to people with dry skin.



  • Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter: This body butter consists of Lanolin Wax & Vitamin E. For those of you who are not aware of Lanolin Wax, it has high content of cholesterol, which is best for people with dry skin. Therefore, I also tried this body butter as a lip balm. You can either apply this body butter before going to bed or you can use this after shower. Caffeine in this product, helped reducing cellulite from my skin.



Tip: Try to use body butter/body lotion when your skin is damp.

  • Liquid Funk Caffeine Shower Gel: “Will not magically turn your shower into a waterfall, but you will come out feeling charged & energetic.” That’s the tag line of the shower gel :p …

This shower gel consists of Taurine & Vitamin E. It’s a body energizer in true sense. This product is rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals. Caffeine in this shower gel helped removing the dead cells from my skin.



These products can be used by women as well as men.

You can easily buy all the Mcaffeine products by clicking here.

**I make sure that I try the products for at least 10-12 days, before writing a review. 

Hope you like what you read!!

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Till next time!!!


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