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3 Ways to Drape Over A Slit Dress

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Hope you all are doing great. So, winters are finally here and it’s getting cold day by day. People who have been following me on Instagram & Snapchat must know that I’m going through bad health. However, this didn’t stop me from working in the office or writing for you guys. Now by that I’m not telling you to compromise with your health, but start when you’re ready.

So today I’m gonna tell you how you can drape your Saree, I used a Dupatta instead, over a slit dress. Yes, you read it right!!! I have seen people experimenting with their dresses, wearing them in different styles, trust me I love doing the same. So, I thought of draping a Dupatta in 3 ways over my Black Slit Dress.

First Look: Here I draped my Dupatta starting from the slit of the dress. Also, the pleats are overlapping at the shoulder. I didn’t want to hide the slit, as it was adding that required edge to the outfit.




Second Look: In the next look, I draped my dupatta, in such a way that the end of dupatta falls in the the front of my slit dress. Just how the Gujrati ladies drape their sarees. The draping again starts from the slit and ends at the slit.




Third Look: So this one is an extended version of the first look where I just opened the pleats from the end of the dupatta. 



So finally coming to accessories, I opted for a silver hand band and silver chaandbaalis. Also, to give it that grungy look I opted for black heels and a black sling bag.




Dress:  KOOVS

Dupatta: Sector 17, Chandigarh, but, you can find similar here

Heels: Punjab Shoes (Moti Nagar)

Hand Band: Janpath

Thanks a lot for reading guys, I hope you like it!!! For more pictures on this you can add me on Instagram.

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