First blog post

Hey peeps…

Welcome to CRAZY RAGE… 

It’s the first time that I have started my own blog.. I am really excited.. like really.. 

So, i don’t want to waste your time reading the levels of my excitement.. but i want to introduce you guys to my crazyyyy blog.

What’s this all about ?? 

Ehmmmm.. OK so this blog is all about styling and fashion..I love EXPERIMENTING with my clothes..so I thought of sharing those “experiments” with all you guys.. 

The idea is to let people know that whatever you wear , it should be according to your body type.. and most importantly you should feel comfortable.. There’s no point wearing a super hot LBD if you are not comfortable after wearing it..

Lastly,.. guys go craazyyy with your clothes….create your own style… accessorize…and have funnn..

Stay tuned….will be uploading some amazing pictures for you guys very soon

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