polka dots

How to wear Polka Dots

Polka Dot: Number of round dots repeated ..

We all have thought of wearing polka dotted shirt, t-shirts, skirts etc..but back in our mind: “Naaaahh..its so retroo..”purane zamana”.

Don’t you worry people, go and experiment..go CRAZZYY …Try polka dots this summer..Choose an achromatic color like WHITE with some bright polka dots on it..In this way you won’t feel that you are going too retro with your look and since it’s white..it’s perfect for summers…


About my look : Today I was out with my friends, and choose to wear polka dots. In this look I’m wearing polka dotted RAPRON SKIRT. I choose to team up this with a basic grey slim fit top. Though it looks woolen..however, trust me it’s really cool.

Accessories: In this look I’m wearing a silver neckpiece(junk jewellery), my favourite watch(important!!!)

Shoes: I choose to wear chappals(heels are big no no with this look) with a hint of silver on the top, I recently got these from Westside..

Azra 100%
Azra 100%

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